EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: All IRB submissions must use the updated forms below.


  1. All applications for IRB review must come from a UWG faculty member. Students conducting research should complete their application materials and submit them to their Faculty Advisor who will review, approve, and submit the IRB application materials.

  2. The IRB must review all recruitment materials, consent documents, data collection instruments, and site approval letters, in addition to the application. An IRB Cover Page is no longer needed.

  3. IRB applications should be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the start of data collection.

  4. No work on the project can begin prior to IRB approval.

  5. CITI training for Human Subject and Responsible Conduct of Research must be completed prior to submission of IRB application materials. Students serving as the PI on the research project must complete the Social & Behavioral Research Investigator modules.

  6. All materials must be submitted to

Research involving human subjects conducted by or involving University of West Georgia Students, Faculty, or Staff as participants, must be approved by the UWG Institutional Review Board.

IRB Approval Forms
Form Name:Purpose:Version Date:
Research/Evaluation/Assessment Table to help determine whether a project requires submission to the IRB as a research project. Please contact the IRB with any questions or for assistance in making a determination 
Research Determination FormSurvey form to determine if a project is research with human subjects. The Principal Investigator (PI) or the Faculty Advisor, if the PI is a UWG student, should complete the form. 
IRB Applications Forms
Form Name:Purpose:Version Date:
Exempt ApplicationFor research that is minimal risk and meets the federal exempt categories. Click here for summary of exempt categories. 
IRB Application For Expedited or Full Board review. 
Application for Continuing Review If your research will continue beyond your original approval date, this form must be submitted and approved prior to your original IRB expiration date. 
Foreign Research-Application Addendum If you will collect data outside of the U.S. this addendum must be submitted with your application. 
Consent Documents
Form Name:Purpose:Version Date:
Informed Consent - AdultFor adults participating in research. 
Exempt Study Information SheetTo be used for studies determined exempt. (Sample) 
Parental Permission TemplateParental permission must be secured before approaching child participants. 
Child Assent TemplatePlease be sure to write to the level of the child participants. 
Parent Information Exempt 1To be used only for research exempt under Category 1. 
Anonymous Survey ConsentTo be used for online or anonymous surveys. 
Site Acknowledgement Forms
Form Name:Purpose:Version Date:
District/Principal LetterRequired from the district or school in which you will be conducting research. 
Research Site Letter TemplateLetter required from any external site in which you will be collecting data. 
Other IRB Forms
Form Name:Purpose:Version Date:
Study Modification FormPrior to making changes to an approved study, use this form for approval of your modifications. 
Public Dataset Nomination FormTo propose a dataset be added to the Public Use Dataset list. 
UWG Classroom Research FormTo be used for Classroom research in which students will be collecting Human Subjects data, but not presenting outside of UWG. 
Research Completion FormTo be completed when your research is finished to close your IRB file. 
Adverse Event Form
Form Name:Purpose:Version Date:
UWG Adverse Event FormTo be used in case of any adverse events.