Vision Statement

The vision of the Department of Clinical and Professional Services is to prepare exemplary practitioners who make a meaningful difference in the community and in the lives of the individuals with whom they work.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Clinical and Professional Studies is to:

  1. Prepare exemplary entry-level practitioners with the professional knowledge, skills, and disposition to deliver evidence-based practices to diverse individuals across the life span.
  2. Prepare exemplary advanced-level practitioners with professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions to bring about systemic change through program evaluation, advocacy, and leadership.
  3. Provide outreach to the community, including outreach through a comprehensive community clinic that delivers speech-language pathology, audiology, developmental reading instruction, special education, counseling, and related diagnostic and educational services.
  4. Explore and communicate new knowledge through applied research.

Collaborative Service and Outreach

There is a common theme across our programs, which is delivering professional service to diverse students and clients

Prevent @ UWG - Campus-Wide Suicide Prevention Grant

  • Comprehensive program designed to prevent suicide and promote help-seeking behaviors for the general university population, specifically students.
  • Trains RAs, leaders of student organizations, faculty and staff to identify students at risk for suicide, make effective referrals, and break down barriers to help-seeking.
  • Three- year project funded by the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.    

Comprehensive Community Clinic

  • Provides learning opportunities for Clinical and Professional Studies students
  • Offer Services for the community in special education, counseling, communication sciences and disorders, and language and literacy.