This course offers an examination of the relationships between social stratification, crime, and criminal justice. Explored will be the empirical and theoretical associations that race/ethnicity, sex/gender, social class, and other systems of inequality have with crime, victimization, and criminal justice system response. This course also explores the relationship between social inequality, criminal offending, and criminal victimization. In addition, how racial/ethnic, gender, age, and socioeconomic inequality influence (and are influenced by) criminal justice policy making, processes, and outcomes will be explored. Contemporary issues in policing, courts, sentencing, and punishment will be addressed to explore the complex interaction between social disadvantage (particularly related to race and ethnicity), the criminal justice system, and broader social relations.

Lecture Hours: 3.00 Lab Hours: 0Total Hours: 3.00


Spring 2024 Semester
Course Title Instructor Campus Section Syllabus
Crime and Social Inequality Mindy Bernhardt Distance E01 external Syllabus via Concourse External Resource