Corporate Learning

Invest in Your Team.

Here's to employee development and training for forward-thinking businesses.

develop your talent.

As an alternative or a supplement to your own in-house training, we custom-design training programs that address your organization's specific needs and interests. We deliver powerful learning experiences that support your key business objectives.

We understand how adults learn and what works best in custom programs. We also respond to the ever-changing business environment by helping you and your employees remain on the leading edge of management development, business skills, computer technology and industrial training. Our training is high quality, affordable, and packed with information, techniques and tools that can help prepare you and your organization for the future. We conduct pre and post assessments to determine your training needs and to measure success.

Customized Training Benefits

  • You determine who, when, where and what. Our campus facilities or your workplace.
  • Professional instructors and consultants
  • Your employees learn together as a team
  • Skills learned are put to use immediately
  • Achieve across the board results
  • Cost-effective
  • All courses offer Continuing Education Units

Training Topics Include:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Computer Skills
  • Health & Safety Education


To inquire about business or customized training, contact Jennie Dodd at (678) 839-2258 or e-mail