• Do I have to take the classes that my advisor says?
    No you do not, but the classes that your advisor suggested are classes that will keep you on track for graduation.
  • Can I take a test to skip one level of foreign language and go to the next level?

    A baccalaureate degree with honors is awarded to those students who have grade point averages on all courses attempted as follows:

    • 3.5 honors (cum laude)
    • 3.8 high honors (magna cum laude)
    • 4.0 highest honors (summa cum laude)
  • How many hours can I take during the summer time?

    The course load varies per semester.

    • Session I – 6 hours
    • Session II – 18 hours
    • Session III or IV – 9 hours (each session)
  • Do I have to go summer semester?
    No you do not; however the summer semester is a great chance to get ahead on some courses.
  • When am I eligible to take 3000/4000 level major classes such as MGNT 3600?
    You must be of major status to be eligible to take and 3000/4000 level class.
  • Can I take classes at other colleges and count them for credit at West Georgia?
    Yes, but you must apply to be a transient student BEFORE you attend the other school. You must see your advisor for the appropriate paperwork.
  • How do I declare a minor?
    To declare a minor or a major fill out the online major change request form.  
  • Can I have a minor that is outside the business college?
    Yes. You will need to see that department in which you are minoring for the appropriate course requirements.
  • What is ECORE?
    eCore are online core courses that are provided through a state-wide collaborative program. eCore courses are taught entirely online, except for the occasional proctored exam. For more information, please visit the ECORE website.
  • How much does tuition cost?
    This amount varies per semester. The current rates can be found in The Scoop.
  • What happens if my classes are full when I register? 
    You will need to adjust your schedule to include classes that are open. You should refer to “Getting to the Core of the Curriculum” guide. This can be found at this website or you may pick up one from your advisor or at the Excel Center.
  • Is registration according to social security number or to 917 ID number?
    It is according to social security number.