The UWG Accounting Club is organized by students for the purpose of providing those with an interest in accounting the opportunity to learn more about the profession.

Our goal is to provide information about the field of accounting and the alternatives within it. We do this through academic and social activities. There are functions each semester including: Speakers to introduce you to the many careers that accounting majors can follow such as those in industry, academia or with public accounting firms, as well as seminars on career development.

The officers of the Accounting Club invite you to get involved! The Accounting Club is a club for all class levels (freshman and sophomores are encouraged to join)!  Membership in the club entitles you to attend the Accounting Club Awards Banquet free of charge held each spring semester where scholarships are awarded along with a meal and guest speaker. 

"When the book lies open in front of you and you look at the book (not the book at you) then the side where you have your heart is the left or the Debit side. The side away from your heart is the right side and is called Credit."
Matthaus Schwartz Model of Accounting 

Current Officers


Zoe Wheat


VP of Events and Activities

Morgan Tingle

VP of Marketing and Recruitment

Aaliyah Johnson



Faculty Advisor

Michael Hopper is a Lecturer in accounting at the University of West Georgia. He received a bachelor's degree from the University of North Carolina and his Master of Professional Accounting from UWG. Contact Mr. Hopper with any questions you have concerning the Accounting Club. 

Faculty Advisor Hopper

Mr. Michael Hopper
Lecturer and
Accounting Club Advisor

(678) 839-4815 
Roy Richards Sr. Hall, Room 240

Membership Information and Application

You can join the UWG Accounting Club by completing the Accounting Club Membership Application (PDF, 23K). Please print, complete and bring to Roy Richards Sr. Hall, Room 270 along with your check for a one time membership payment.

Joining the Accounting Club gives you free admission to the annual Accounting Club Awards Banquet held each spring semester.