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Candidate No Show Policy

No shows are unacceptable. If you schedule an interview with an employer, you are expected to honor that commitment.

Simply removing your name from the list on CareerWeb does not constitute notification. You must call the Career Services department holding the event (Student Employment 678.839.6433, Professional Practice 678.839.6630, Career Employment 678.839.6431 24 (working) hours in advance.
Working hours are defined as Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.
If you fail to attend an interview that you scheduled without notifying the department 24 (working) hours in advance, your privileges in the Department of Career Services will be suspended until you: 
     • Meet with the program coordinator
         o Student Employment 678.839.6433
         o Professional Practice 678.839.6630
         o Career Employment 678.839.6431
     • Write a letter of apology to the recruiter (with a copy to us) explaining the reason for the no-show or cancellation. If a second no-show occurs, you will no longer be allowed to use our services. 

This policy may seem harsh, but think about what is involved. By signing up for an interview time and then not attending the interview, you are taking away an interview time from someone else. Additionally, no-shows are a bad reflection on the university. A great deal of work is involved in bringing recruiters to the campus; every effort must be made to make the recruiter's visit here worthwhile. 
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EEO Statement

The Department of Career Services of the University of West Georgia refers candidates to employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or age. The Department also complies with those EEO regulations affecting handicapped individuals, disabled veterans, and veterans of the Vietnam Era.
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Privacy Policy

The UWG Department of Career Services and NACElink (owned and operated by the National Association of Colleges and Employers – NACE) are committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information.  The Department has contracted with NACElink to provide UWG students with job listings, career events, recruitment scheduling, and resume services. 

Please refer to the NACElink Privacy Statement ( for technical details and a description of the site and its partners.

NACE’s commitment to all users – schools, employers, students/alumni – is to maintain the confidentiality of all information collected on NACElink and NACE will not sell, transmit, or disclose, in any fashion, this information to any other organization.  NACElink also has a partner, DirectEmployers Association, which will provide backup hosting services to NACE’s servers and is as committed to privacy as NACE.  NACE and DirectEmployers Association have access to the data in aggregate form.


Students/alumni use CareerWeb/Experience available through UWG Career Services ( to post resumes, review job opportunities, and register for career-related programs and recruitment events.  The information in a candidate’s profile is used by UWG Career Services for job-search advice, to promote programs, services and events, to notify candidates of employment opportunities, and to refer qualified candidates to employers.

Only the resumes of students who have given their permission to have their resumes released to employers (indicated on the “Privacy Tab”) in Student Profile will be shared with or accessible to prospective employers.

UWG Career Services updates student/alumni academic, demographic and directory information in UWG CareerWeb at least once a semester through the campus student/registration database (BANNER).  If there is directory/academic/demographic data you feel is inaccurate in CareerWeb that you cannot edit in the system directly, please contact the Registrar’s office to update your information in BANNER to avoid any inaccuracies being transferred to the system.

UWG Career Services may access user profiles in order to notify user(s) of employment or educational opportunities.  The data that has been entered into the system might also be used for evaluating services, employment activities, educational programs, employment and salary surveys, and for reports developed for institutional studies.

While UWG and Experience endeavor to restrict access to this database to eligible employers, Experience cannot guarantee that other parties will not, without consent, gain access to the database.


UWG Career Services and NACE will collect information from employers utilizing the site, such as contact information (phone numbers, email addresses), unique identifiers (NACE membership, account numbers, or password to NACElink), and demographic information (location, type and size of organization).

Employers using Experience through UWG Career Services or directly through Experience will have access to user’s resumes and the personal information contained therein for recruiting, interviewing, and hiring purposes.  Employers will also have access to limited information from user’s profiles only if the profile matches an employer’s search criteria.  Experience and UWG are not responsible for what employers do with the personal information that is available or accessible on this site.

Resumes are selected based on objective, legally-permissible requirements and UWG Staff and employers utilizing our services are expected to abide by the national Code of Conduct for Career Services and College Recruitment Professionals by the National Association of Colleges & Employers.  For details on the Code of Conduct, Principles for Professional Practice.

Updating Account Information

CareerWeb/NACElink allows user to change or correct personal information at any time.  To do so, simply login to the account, go to your profile and locate options for editing the information. 


When users submit personally identifiable information via the web site, the information is protected both online and off-line. In addition, the student, alumnus, and employer data is password protected, so only the user can access this information. All personally identifiable information Experience collects about you is stored in limited-access servers. Experience has technical, administrative, and physical security measures and safeguards in place to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under Experience's control. This site has firewalls and uses secure servers to protect from loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control.
Job postings on the UWG CareerWeb site may or may not be reviewed by UWG Career Services before posting.  Site users are urged to validate job postings and use caution and common sense when applying. Do not disclose Social Security numbers, credit card information, or bank account numbers with unknown employers.

Experience does not review job postings. 

Users should report any questionable recruitment practices by employers using the system directly to the UWG Career Center.


Experience is not affiliated with the University of West Georgia.  Therefore, UWG cannot guarantee nor does it otherwise accept responsibility for any portion of this Statement that depends upon Experience’s representations and its compliance with those representations.
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