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Pursuant to Federal Law, all paperwork and appropriate ID must be submitted and approved, BEFORE a student can begin working.  If the student starts working before, they may be terminated.  As a Supervisor, you could lose your FWS funds/SRAP funds for the year and possibly subsequent years.

Employment Certification Form
The Employment Certification Form is designed to ensure that each and every step needed to legally hire a student is completed BEFORE the student begins to work.   Once this form is completed the student will bring it back to the supervisor with all approvals indicating that it is now OK for the student to begin working.  This form is then filed by the department in the student’s personnel file.

Intent To Hire Form
This form is for the supervisor to complete and shows the intent to hire/re-hire the student.  This form is filed in HR.

PAR – Personnel Action Request
The PAR needs to be completed in order to hire/re-hire the student.
     FWS:  One Hire/Re-hire PAR form is good for Fall & Spring semester.  A new Re-Hire/Hire PAR is required for the Summer semester.  A new Re-Hire/Hire PAR is also required at the beginning of each new school year.
     SA: A New Hire PAR form is good, without any changes, until the student graduates or terminates.  The requirements for a new PAR form are a pay increase, charging to a different budget, or separation from a department/position. 
     SRAP:  One PAR form is good for Fall & Spring semester.  SRAP is inactive during the Summer.
     Casual Labor: Handled through Human Resources NOT Student Employment.  A PAR form needs to be processed for the summer and when the student is not enrolled in classes.

Termination PAR
When a student is no longer working in your department, you need to complete a Termination PAR.  This will help to ensure that hours from another on-campus job are not charged to your department.  It also helps the University keep accurate and up-to-date records.

Hiring Forms
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