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Posting Your Position

Position Descriptions

An up-to-date and accurate Position Description must be kept on file in Student Employment for all student positions in your department.  Electronic files are kept so these must be e-mailed (New Version effective 1/1/11).  These position descriptions will be required in order to post a position with Student Employment as well as when hiring and re-hiring a student in your department.

Things to Think About As You Are Creating a Student Position Description
Use the UWG Position Description Form to create a position description for your students.  This position description should in turn be used to create your position postings.

Position Title - Use a title which describes the nature and level of work performed.

Position Summary - One or two sentences summarizing the primary function and general purpose of this position. (It may be helpful to write the position summary after defining the Essential Functions).

Essential Functions -

Example:  Prepare as directed tables, graphs, models, presentation slides, and assist with written deliverables.

Physical Requirements - If any physical requirements such as heavy lifting, using heavy machinery, and excessive walking are required, it should be listed in the position description.

Example:  Work conditions require the student employee be able to life approximately 35 regular intervals. 

Special Circumstances
- Whenever a position requires weekend work, evenings, late hours, or traveling, it is important that this be stated in the position description.

Educational Benefits To Be Derived By Student/s In This Position - Work Study students must be placed, whenever possible, in employment related to their academic pursuits. How will this position enhance the student’s education or relate to a future career track?

Required Experience & Education - These requirements must be position related. The experience and education are to be the minimum an employee will need in order to perform the position satisfactorily.  The applicant recommended for employment must have ALL minimum requirements.
Sometimes education and experience may be substituted for each other. For example, a position description could read, "Second year major in Education or three years tutoring experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience."

Minimum Qualifications - These requirements must be position related. The qualifications are to be the minimum an employee will need in order to perform the position satisfactorily.  The applicant recommended for employment must have ALL minimum qualifications.

Preferred Qualifications
- Criteria which would make one applicant better qualified than another. Recommended applicants do not have to have any of the preferred qualifications.
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Posting a Position

All positions for which a student is not being re-hired by a department MUST be posted with Student Employment.  Failure to do so is against University Policy, the EEOC and could expose the University as well as you to discrimination charges.

In order to post a position with Student Employment you will need to:

Things to Think About As You Are Creating Your Position Posting
When completing your Wolf Pack Position Posting Form, use your job description to fill in the blanks and then think through the suggestions below.

How to Apply
Student’s will be required to complete the Student Employment Application located on the Student Employment Web Pages.  Student’s should complete, print and sign this document before submitting it with the yellow Student Employment Referral Card, resume and any other documentation you require.

On your Wolf Pack Position Posting Form you will want to indicate all of the information necessary for an applicant to submit in order to be considered for employment.  If the applicant fails to send in the required documentation, they cannot be considered for the position.  Please note that requiring applicants to submit letters of reference could deter a good applicant from applying also on the required Student Employment Application there is a place for references.

Departments should require application materials which will best determine applicants’ qualifications for a position.  At minimum the Student Employment Application and resume must be completed and submitted in order to apply.

Closing Date
All positions must be open for a minimum period of three working days.  If the position posting has a closing date, Student Employment will stop referring participants and inform those who want to apply that the position has closed.  Student Employment will not provide any student with a yellow Referral Card after the position has been closed – even at the hiring officials request.

Student Employment must be notified if the position should be extended.  If the posting must be posted again, it must be posted again for a minimum of three working days.

At times a hiring official will choose to keep the job open until filled. In these instances the hiring official will be required to review all applications received up to the day the hiring official notifies Student Employment that a decision has been made.  The hiring official will have to review the resumes and may need to conduct an interview if an applicant is as qualified as the one selected.

Once you have completed your posting, e-mail it to Student Employment.  Student Employment will review for content and assign a job number.  The job will then be placed on CareerWeb and in the Student Employment Job Binders within 24 business hours.

Wolf Pack Position Posting Form
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All students applying for on-campus employment must complete and submit the Student Employment Application located on the Student Employment web pages.  This application will help provide you with the needed information to select the most qualified candidate.  A copy of the application will also need to be submitted to HR for the student/s you want to hire.

Accepting Applications
In order to ensure compliance with federal equal employment laws, a University department may not employ any applicant unless the prospective employee has made application through the Office of Student Employment. The proof that students have made application through our office is the yellow Student Employment Referral Card with the student’s name, title of the position and your name as the contact.  Students must present the yellow Referral Card BEFORE you accept their application/interview them.

If an applicant contacts the department without the yellow Student Employment Referral Card, they should be referred immediately to Student Employment.

Reviewing Applications
Reviewing applications is a very serious and time-consuming task. Decisions on who to interview are based on the review of application materials and references; therefore, it is imperative that evaluation procedures be consistent for each applicant and that all application material required be available and reviewed for each applicant.

The hiring official should develop an applicant evaluation form which lists the listed required, and preferred qualifications from your Position Description.  Evaluators are to indicate whether the applicant possesses the credentials to qualify for further consideration for the position.

Application for Student Employment
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