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Student Research Assistant Program

The Student Research Assistant Program (SRAP), funded by the University of West Georgia Foundation, enables faculty and staff to employ undergraduates to assist in research or other college-related work.

The purpose of the Student Research Assistant Program is to encourage students to participate in research and other educational opportunities anchored to their chosen fields of study in order to enhance their learning experience, improve their quality of life, advance their academic research skills, and promote the University of West Georgia. The program will also help diminish the attrition rates among under classmen at the University of West Georgia while accomplishing at least one of the following goals:

  1. Contribute in some significant way to the quality of life on campus.
  2. Advance some recognized academic or research project.
  3. Promote the institution and enhance its reputation.

For questions and opportunities in the SRAP program please contact Stacey Rowland by phone at 678-839-0628 or by email at